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Our training programs focus on leading edge thinking and content to increase the productivity and effectiveness of staff, whether they be in leadership roles or front line.  Through highly effective training,  staff are more likely to remain in their positions longer,  client satisfaction will increase and long term outcomes will be achieved. 

Organizational Capacity Building

This course is 153.5 hours spread across 22 days

Learning Outcomes : Designed to improve the capacity and capability of your staff across leadership, management and frontline staff.  This course will challenge your staff to make more thoughtful, and effective decisions.  As our widest spanning course you will learn how to create an environment where improvement and learning are key goals, not afterthoughts.


Leadership Development Intensive

Collaborative Leadership

Fostering a culture of continuous learning

Mindful Leadership

Introduction to Mindfulness

Conflict Resolution/Healthy Conflict

Let’s Talk: Conversations for possibilities

Effective Decision Making

Values Driven Leadership

Project Management

Program review methodology and approach

Strategic Planning

You will take the following modules in the courses

Image by Dylan Gillis

Career mapping and Succession planning

Effective Performance Management

Developing Effective Performance Management Tools

Effective Time Management

Managing Traumatic Events

Operating Unionized Environments

Effective Communication

Post-Incident Stress Debriefing

Post Pandemic Support – Building Back Better

Strength –based Management

Work-Life Balance

Developing your supervisory skills

You will take the following modules in the courses

Human Services and Professional Development

This course is 101.5 hours long spread across 14.5 days

Learning Outcomes : This course, designed for Managers, Junior Managers and Admin Staff will help foster a positive work environment.  It will teach your staff how to lead with their strengths and balance their lives and work in a way that sees them succeed on both fronts.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

This course is 56-76 hours long across 8 days.

Each part of this course can be taught at the

entry and advanced level (which adds 4


Learning Outcome : Our trainers help your staff to understand the most complicated matters in the EDI-B field.  We start with the basic building blocks of anti-racism, and teach you how to understand and spread the positive tenets to build and anti-racist organization that will proudly lead the way.


Indigenous Cultural Training

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Belonging

Anti-Black Racism Training

Cross-Cultural Counselling

Building an inclusive and equitable

organization that is sustained beyond staff


You will take the following modules in the courses

Native American Costume

Indigenous Engagement Strategies


Wise Practices: Innovation/Leadership

Indigenous World Views

Cultural Safety

Decolonization and Indigenization

Circles: Establishing safe relational spaces

Determinants of Indigenous Health

Community Collaborative approaches to care

Incorporating the 7 Grandfather teachings into practice

Indigenous child development

From Lateral Violence to Lateral Kindness

You will take the following modules in this course

Indigenous Cultural Training

This course runs for 87.5 hours across

12.5 days

Learning Outcome :This course will help your organization gain a deeper understanding of the Indigenous community and their culture and practices.  This course is an extended version of our EDI-B course and is intended to help establish and encourage deeper more meaningful connections with Indigenous people but as colleagues and clients.

Clinical Training

This course is 161 hours across 23 days

Learning Outcome : Our Clinical training course will teach your staff how to handle adult attachment, and sources of conflict including cross-cultural and parent-adolescent conflict.  We will help you create an environment for staff and clients that supports and improves both mental and physical health for diverse groups of people.

Social Distance

Adult Attachment

Redeveloping Secure Adult Attachments

Parent-Adolescent Conflict

Cross-Cultural Counselling

Child Abuse and Neglect

2SLGBTQ+ Physical and Mental Health

Creating cultures of Trauma Informed Care

Wellness and building staff compassion satisfaction

Using evidence to build effective programs for vulnerable


Clinical Supervision

You will take the following modules in this course

Breast Cancer Awareness Race

Fuelling the mission: The fundamentals of

revenue generation

Grant Writing

Government Relations

Campaign Developments

Strategic Planning (for Fundraising)

You will take the following modules in this course


This course runs 11 days.

Learning Outcome :Our course will teach Leadership, Management and Frontline staff the skills necessary to effectively fundraise in the modern world.  Various aspects of the process will be covered including grant writing and how to develop relationships with funders that are advantageous to your organization.  We will also teach you how to elevate your fundraising by creating fundraising-specific strategic plans that will outline operations and processes that will help your organization in  planning future initiatives successfully.

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