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At Barnes Management Group we see Knowledge Transfer – the passing of information from one group/person to another – as fundamental to the work we do. 

Our Expertise

Our expert trainers, are always learning, improve on our training information and methods, we want to pass this on to the organizations and individuals we train.  Good training comes from constant upkeep - Just think, what would the world look like if we were still teaching the same subjects the same way we were 50 years ago?  As society’s understanding of a subject deepens, or changes, our trainers reflect that in their learning modules.

Our Commitment to Results

Our training programs focus on leading edge thinking and content to increase the productivity and effectiveness of staff, whether they be in leadership roles or front line.  Through highly effective training,  staff are more likely to remain in their positions longer,  client satisfaction will increase and long term outcomes will be achieved. 

Our Philosophy

Our understanding of World Views changes as our knowledge grows.  This means all learning modules our trainers create are constantly updated and customized for each organization/community.

If your organization wants to maximize the potential of your employees, and increase your capacity to serve the community, providing updated training with expert crafted learning modules from Barnes Management Group will deliver on that promise.

Our Experience

Our goal in all our work is to leave organizations and communities in a better place than we found them.  This means when our expert trainers, who are always learning, improve on our training information and methods, we want to pass this on to the organizations and individuals we train.  Good training comes from constant upkeep - 

The Team

David Barnes

BMG Founder and President

David brings more than 30 years of experience providing leadership, strategic thinking and management consulting to organizations in the non-profit and public sector.

He has worked with government ministries both in Ontario and the Yukon, educational institutions, community mental health agencies, child welfare and mental health agencies, as well as many other non- profit organizations.

As a facilitator, he has had extensive experience leading large and small-scale community engagement initiatives to bring together diverse groups of people.

In his facilitation work, David has been trained in and utilizes a variety of facilitation methodologies from Appreciative Inquiry, World Café to Open Space Technology.

David has lead focus groups and visioning exercises throughout Southern and Northern Ontario as well as in the EU  in order to bring stakeholders together to support strategic planning and visioning processes.


Yarith Ker

Operation Support, Finance, Project Management, and Technology

Yarith graduated in Finance at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec and also had worked with financial institutions in the area of data/IT, financial/business analysis, and financial reporting. He is skilled in critically examining business challenges and come up with a smart solution. He approaches business issue with creativity, adaptability, and collaboration. His functional expertise includes financial planning, proposal development, project scope and requirement analysis, government Request for Proposal(RFPs)/procurement platform and process, budget/funding analysis. Yarith is also very competent in providing project management/coordination and research supports for consulting projects to clients in the public agencies and government in the areas: socioeconomic determinants of health in the remote communities, indigenous health and well-being, and government budget and funding analysis. He has numerous years of consulting experience in economic and budget/financial analysis, business analysis, research support and project management in both private and public sector.

Yarith finds working collectively to be especially fruitful when it comes to advocating, supporting and inspiring both colleagues and our clients as well. He considers himself a life-long learner who has always taken the initiative for professional growth, constantly continuing to do so by seeking spaces that encourage development and improvement.


Stuart Barnes

Operation Support, Recruitment Research & Proposal Coordination

Stuart provides proposal coordination and recruitment research for Barnes Management Group.

His experience with cold calling customers in a call centre environment is vital to performing the research duties necessary to build candidate databases for the various recruitment projects he has worked on.

Stuart gained much experience working with, and coordinating large groups of people in his time at TD Canada Trust as a Resource Officer. At TD, he was responsible for the timely completion of all telephone sales and service campaigns through cooperative work with Team Managers while providing them the guidance necessary to hit their team goals.

Through his volunteer work with El Hogar De Amor Y Esperanza, Stuart practiced strong leadership skills. Working with a group of 14 people, aged 15-70, Stuart used his coordination and leadership skills to maintain strong group cohesion, positive attitudes in the face of difficult manual labour and a sense of safety in a notoriously dangerous part of the world.

Along with his colleague, Yarith Ker, Stuart provides strong and professional administrative and research support to the BMG Leadership Team and Associates.

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